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A widely and efficiently managed network in Uganda ensures excellent service, enabling us to reach the right place at the right time, and it also makes us easily accessible. [See coverage area].  Our ranking is amongst the top 5 UCIFA/UFFA approved agents; this speaks volumes for our efficiency and dedication. For us perfection is in the details, thus every job is monitored from start to finish, making Threeways Shipping Services  [Group] Ltd a Member of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics a firm you can rely on.
Other than our head office in Kampala, we operate 4 other branch offices in Uganda, namely Entebbe Airport office, Jinja Industrial City, Malaba container’s entry point, and Masindi for a major client. These are strategically situated to ensure our staff diligently looks after your cargo from the time it enters Uganda's borders.

Malaba Branch

Malaba is situated at the Kenya/Uganda border and it's the main entry point for Cargo arriving from Mombasa Port by road onward to landlocked Uganda. The same office looks after our interests at Busia border, another entry point from Kenya. At Malaba, our office will clear your shipment with Uganda customs and ensure documentation is in place for onward transportation to Kampala.

Railway Good shed Outlet

This is Uganda's main rail freight terminal for cargo arriving from Mombasa and Dar-Es-Salaam Sea Ports by rail. Threeways Shipping runs an office at the terminal and our staff will handle all documentation and customs clearance to ensure a stress free and smooth operation.

Entebbe Airport Branch

This is Uganda's International airport. It's 30 minutes drive from the capital Kampala and all international shipments by air are handled from here. Threeways Shipping runs an office at the airport and our staff will take care of all the necessary documentation and clear your shipment with Uganda customs.

Jinja Branch Office

Our Jinja office is about 50 miles East of Kampala, in Jinja; Uganda’s second largest town and main industrial center. The town is strategically located and it takes shorter time to clear goods through. The office was established partly due to a high demand from our major corporate clients.

Masindi Branch Office

Our Masindi office is about 240 kilometers North West of Uganda; it caters for our major client KINYARA SUGAR PLATATION/BOOKER TATE and coordinates our activities in the North & West of Uganda.

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